Professional English
• Development of the Professional English vocabulary
• Learning how to write effective emails in a concise manner
• Learning communication and cultural differences
• Learning how to present oneself in an international meeting or presentation

English (Basic – Advanced)
• With the interview, there will be a better understanding of what the student’s needs are and then, the customization of the classes for each level.

• This is a survival class in which the student might not have enough time to learn how to speak but will learn how to survive, to ask for food, to go shopping, to go through immigration…

Aviation English
• Pilots: ICAO preparation.
• Flight Attendants: To acquire or improve English for international flights.

All courses are customized to meet the needs of the student. Since this is not a school, there is more flexibility to adapt to the difficulties of each student in which the most important is to acquire the total command of the language.