Marisa Treglia
Medical Science Liaison-AstraZeneca

During the first semester in 2013, I participated in some selection processes and during these processes, there were interviews in English by phone or in-person. Before each interview, I scheduled a mock interview with Karen and this made me more prepared and calm. We also trained some yoga techniques to lower the stress before the interview. As a result, today, I work for the company AstraZeneca as a Medical Science Liaison.

Marcela Amaral
Trade Marketing Coordinator

Classes with Karen were extremely important for the development of my career. We started with face-to-face classes and she prepared me for job interviews in English; during this period, we practiced conversation with focus on Business language and discussed current affairs. Her strength is to give support from the development of your resume in English to the preparation for the actual interview. Currently, I have online classes and I enjoy them because they are practical; they save me time and Karen makes you feel as if we are having face-to-face classes, and I am working in a new multinational company.

Capt. Aurélio F. dos Santos
Pilot - Lider Taxi Aéreo S/A Brasil

Aviation English
Online classes are convenient for me since it allows me to acquire knowledge regardless of my location, I am in various places in one day because I am a helicopter pilot for Lider Taxi Aéreo S/A Brasil. Specifically, in this case, online classes with Karen join practicality with a high level of education.

Alessandra Arakaki
Executive Assistant

Professional English
I’ve been taking classes with Karen for about 1 year and I’ve improved a lot since then. The classes with Karen are fantastic and dynamic. The book is 100% focused on business. I have online classes, which helped me to improve my listening and pronunciation skills as well. Besides, I can do it from home!

Claudio Yamashita
Pre-Sales Systems Engineer

Professional English
During six months, I had the opportunity to improve my English with Karen, especially with focus on Professional English. Karen is an excellent teacher, with her International experience she can give her student a broad knowledge of other cultures especially the North American one. American expressions also enrich her lessons. Another strength in her classes is correct pronunciation, eliminating the main problem for non-English speakers, their accent. For people who are looking to improve their English for International Business or to travel abroad to an English speaking country, I recommend her classes.